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  • First game of Metaease — Heroland overview

    Metaease has officially launched and it’s first game—- Heroland is coming and will soon under beta test. Now let’s have a overview about this project. Heroland is an SLG mobile game based on blockchain technology with gameplay as its starting point and foothold. Our design idea is to give full play to the entertainment and educational significance of the game. While bringing game value to users, we use blockchain technology to make the game run in an open and fair environment to ensure game fairness and asset safety among players….

  • While current top GameFi’s users are leaving the game,where will they go next? METAEASE rises as a game changer!

    The natural anti-monopoly attributes, ultra-high topicality and liquidity nature of GameFi make it an object of pursuit for the rich. The sector as a whole remained on a downward trend this week, with the overall decline in the sector being severe, the trading volumes are maintaining a downward trend and the number of users is also falling to varying degrees. There is no doubt that the GameFi industry is in a downturn, the unprecedented market environment and the fall of many socialites are undoubtedly a big blow to the market. While the overall…

  • While top GameFis are experiencing crisis, where is the turning point? Elven World rises as a game changer!

    “There are two paths to the future of mankind, either towards interstellar civilization or towards the virtual world of VR technology — the metaverse. ” As the pioneer of the metaverse sector, GameFi is a bottom-up revolution in nature. The future of GameFi will be extremely optimistic, but the current development has only just begun, not only that there are many challenges, but it is a long way to go.What’s the current state of GameFi industry?   First Stage: Carnival The natural anti-monopoly attributes, ultra-high topicality and liquidity nature of GameFi make it an object of…

  • Dumbo = a combination of SocialFI+DEFI2.0

    The traditional social and content platforms are not only controlled by the project team, but all profits are also taken away by the project team. Also affected by the policy, we hope to build a decentralized, completely unmanned operation and management, operation, control, users have 100% privacy and content ownership, account ownership of the blockchain social platform. Project Description Dumbo is a joint collaboration between the Jumbo Innovation Lab and the well-known community PEOPLE. Based on the DEFI2.0 economic model and invitation mechanism, it will build WEB3 SocialFI in the…

  • Merace has set up a VR technology Laboratory

    On September 15, 2021, Merace publishing Company Brilliant Faith has set up a VR technology Laboratory with Manchester Union University. The two sides will cooperate and innovate, deeply cooperate in a gateway in the field of VR technology, 5G communication, point-to-point 3D input, input image editing, and other aspects, jointly tap the potential of VR technology and create the ultimate using experience for users. As early as 2015, Brilliant Faith had an insight into the development prospect of the virtual reality interactive market and the global hot trend of the…

  • The most anticipated chain game at the end of 2021–islandswap

    If 2020 is the first year of DeFi’s explosion, then 2021 is undoubtedly the first year of GameFi’s explosion. Axie has become a phenomenon product whose monthly income has surpassed that of Honor of Kings, depicting a broad prospect of chain games for the public. The fitting concept “metaverse”, as well as the upgrading of policy and supervision, have pushed the chain games to a new climax. The shift from the traditional “Free to Play” to “Play to Earn” (P2E) mode has allowed many chain players to take advantage of GameFi. If you…

  • Will islandswap lead the future of gamefi on OEC?

    With the rise of the metaverse concept, GameFi has become the most popular topic in the crypto circle. With more and more players and a continuous influx of capital, each token in blockchain games is also rising and constantly breaking the highest record. A large number of mainstream public chains, including OEC and Solana, have emerged in the market, providing more choices and a better environment for blockchain games. At present, several good GameFi&metaverse blockchain games have been planned to be on OEC, from Crypto Gladiator to Celestial, and then to…

  • The Asset Reserve Protocol: XenophonDAO (XPH) will be the Next OHM on BSC

    Stable coins are closely related to other encrypted digital currencies around the world. The governments of countries such as France are trying to introduce them into their financial markets. XenophonDAO hopes to create a new version of stablecoin controlled by its community members. The project aims to create a new way for users to interact with cryptocurrencies while limiting volatility and still having floating prices. 1. What is XenophonDAO (XPH)? XenophonDAO hopes to change the nature of stablecoins. Most stablecoins are linked to underlying assets (such as the U.S. dollar)…

    Digital Currency 12/04/2021
  • A metaverse game called “FunBall” will be launched soon

    With Zuckerberg’s announcement to rename fackbook to meta, we saw more and more “metaverse” games start to appear in the market. Game platforms, such as GALA YOOSHI have borrowed from the steam model and have quickly accumulated a large number of users in a short period of time. Recently, we have been looking at a company called ” BRILLIANT FAITH”, which is planning to launch a game competition platform called “MeRace”. They have officially announced that the platform is in development and have announced the name of the first game “FunBall”. The…

    Digital Currency 11/16/2021
  • Resurgence, WODEX exchange platform currency platform token WMT is listed on Binance Smart Chain

    At present, the digital financial market represented by NFT meta universe has developed into the main battlefield of more and more investors. Under the unpredictable market background, more users need more professional NFT meta universe platform and more investment value. Mainstream value currency. Based on this, the WODEX exchange token, WMT, has attracted attention from all walks of life once it came out.   NFT is generally considered to be the most imaginative asset type in the future in the crypto world, and it is also an important part of…

    Business 11/12/2021