Thenext windfall MUC smart AI contract ____ Muc Miners Union

From the proposal of bitcoin to now, blockchain has gone through tenyears of development, and has long killed the sky in the field ofpass economy, but in the field related to blockchain commercialapplication, it seems poor, except in very few fields includingmedical, intelligent AI, big data, etc. There is a preliminaryinvolvement, but also subject to the sensitivity of the data, butalso did not get a good development, blockchain business applicationswhy it is so difficult? We might as well analyze it from variousangles.

Paradox 1: The greater the use of pass, the higher the cost of itsuse

Most public chains have such a contradiction that the larger theusage, the higher the value of the pass, and the cost of using theblockchain is not reduced, but becomes higher and higher. This hurtsthe motivation of users and limits the number of participatingindividuals to a certain extent, thus reducing the total value of thenetwork.

Contradiction 2: The existing blockchain lacks effective governanceefficiency, and low update iteration is difficult

Most public chains lack proper governance model and ecologicalconstruction, and their application defects are very obvious, whichdirectly leads to the relatively low efficiency of blockchain anddifficulty in updating and iterating.

Contradiction 3: Low degree of commercial application and harshenvironment

Most public chains, for the technical aspects of the hierarchicaldifferentiation is obvious, resulting in the attraction of publicchains for enterprise customers, the effect is minimal. The generaltrend of blockchain development requires more enterprises andbusiness partners to take the initiative to deeply participate inblockchain innovation. These include developers investors, users,participants, promoters and many other roles. Thus, blockchaintechnology can create a relatively perfect business value.

Contradiction 4: The ease of using blockchain for enterprises.

Most public chains do not go for corresponding optimization forenterprise companies, which leads to the fact that if an enterpriseneeds to use to blockchain technology, he needs to start from zero todevelop and build payment channels, which is quite difficult forsmall and medium-sized enterprises.

How far away is the commercial application of blockchain? It could bea long time, or it could be now!

Muc Miner Alliance, which focuses on blockchain commercialapplications, contains five major sectors within the ecology:

thenumber source application module, the digital payment system module,the smart contract deep learning algorithm, the artificialintelligence system module, the IoT security blockchain module, andthe storage platform based on blockchain technology and edgecomputing technology, which can quickly and effectively solve theproblems arising in blockchain commercial applications.

Thenext windfall MUC smart AI contract ____ Muc Miners Union

Among them is the blockchain AI, artificial intelligence systemmodule, which makes the vast majority of functions and codes that canbe used in the blockchain modular by modifying and extending theinstruction set, turning the complex blockchain system developmentinto a simple model similar to the form of building blocks. Anyonecan get a suitable AI model inside the mu c miner alliance to improvethe development efficiency and production execution efficiency.

Digital payment system module, based on the principle of ease of use,to ensure payment security, small core and large services to connectthe C-side and s-side.

Traceability application module, through the sub-chain of the landingproject and the corresponding d app application to solve theenterprise’s information traceability, anti-counterfeitingverification and accurate marketing problems in the process ofcommodity raw material procurement, production, storage flow anddistribution terminal consumption.

The establishment of the above-mentioned muc module can largelyensure that both commercial users and individual users can use theblockchain content suitable for them at a relatively fair cost andthus obtain high efficiency, which is unimaginable in the traditionalblockchain industry.

Muc Miner Alliance, not only has its own answers in the field ofblockchain business applications and difficult problems, but also hasthe ability to influence the world in the field of edge computercomputing power and IoT security.

Muc miner alliance edge computer technology storage platform, will bedistributed around the world close to the network terminal users fordeployment and rapid response never downtime, unlimited capacityexpansion, with self-healing, data privacy, security of super cloudstorage and massive data super media library.

Thenext windfall MUC smart AI contract ____ Muc Miners Union

Muc. uses lightweight blockchain technology to ensure the security ofthe Internet of Things, with more secure and efficient features

In the future, we are both online and offline. Can be based on mucminer alliance platform, to do more things.

In the river of the Internet, blockchain is not just a few people’scollection, but a key technology that can really affect the future ofthe Internet. The commercial application of blockchain technology isthe inevitable pursuit of efficiency and security, and we believethat the world will become a better place with the massive popularityof blockchain technology.

Thenext windfall MUC smart AI contract ____ Muc Miners Union