What is the origin of the capitalist FTS that has set the NFT market alight?

The world’s progress is a process of subversion and re-subversion, innovation and re-innovation, however, every epoch-making technological revolution has fundamentally advanced the progress of human civilization,, with Bitcoin’s ten-year 26 million investment income, and created numerous wealth myths in just a few years, the emergence of Bitcoin has also made the decentralized distributed ledger blockchain technology popular worldwide , making Bitcoin gradually The fourth industrial revolution, with blockchain as its core, will bring unprecedented changes to humanity.


NFT (TNon-Fungible Token), a digital cryptocurrency on the blockchain, is divided into two categories: native coins and tokens. The former, such as the familiar Bitcoin and Ether, has its own main chain and uses transactions on the chain to maintain the ledger data; tokens are attached to the existing blockchain and use smart contracts to record the ledger, such as tokens issued on Ether. tokens can be divided into homogeneous and non-homogeneous.


Homogenised tokens, or FTs (Fungible Token), are tokens that are interchangeable and can be split into near infinite amounts.


Non-homogenised tokens, or NFTs, on the other hand, are unique, non-splittable tokens, such as crypto-cats, tokenised digital tickets, etc. It is also equivalent to a numbered RMB. There will not be two numbered RMBs in this world, nor will there be two identical NFTs.


Therefore, the key innovation of NFT compared to FT is that it provides a way to mark ownership of a native digital asset (i.e. an asset that exists in, or originates from, the digital world) and that ownership can exist outside of a centralised service or centralised repository.


Ownership of an NFT does not prevent others from inspecting it or reading it; an NFT does not capture information and then hide it away, it simply captures the information and then discovers the relationship and value of that information to all other information in the chain.


With the auction of crypto artist Beeple’s Everydays: The First 5000 Days at Christie’s on the evening of 11 March as an NFT. The purely digital artwork went for $60,250,000, plus commission, and eventually sold for $69,366,250,000 (approximately RMB 450 million), setting a new record for NFT art, as nft began to make its way into the eyes of various investment institutions and investors.


FTS, built by the FUTRUE STARS Foundation, is a high-performance NFT-friendly master network developed on the Substrate architecture with NPoS (nominated interest mechanism) as the consensus mechanism:


The FTS-based NFT trading and financial platform, NFTCastle.io, incorporates a variety of financial services, such as NFT asset backed loans, StNFT (standardised NFT) and SynNFT (collateralised casting NFT) issuance and trading;


FTS has been invested by Token Titan (Titan Capital), HWLLO CAPITAL, HONGLIAN CAPITAL, NEXT BLOCKCHAIN CAPITAL (NBC Capital), EFUND and Sky Chain Capital, and has been awarded the exclusive license of its flagship game “Red and Blue”. and Blue” exclusive license, as a pioneer product to expand the NFT game market; fts is in contact with coinbase, in many aspects, force into a strategic cooperation, at the same time coinbase will be on NASDAQ on 20214, the market value once reached hundreds of billions, which also promotes the determination of fts to cooperate with coinbase.


FTS’s mainnet native token, FTS, has a dual entitlement function, as it is both a mainnet governance token and an entitlement coin for NFTCastleio. The token follows the incremental fork logic to maintain the decentralization of the network, and at the same time, in order to better promote the value of the native token, his side coin uft was issued on this basis as the native token, the auxiliary coin of fts, pledging the native token fts burning uft, uft is similar to pi coin, the vast majority of which is carried out for global free promotion, as a way to attract traffic and promote the value of the native token fts, in In the process of promotion, we will add super nodes to manage the consumption ecology of small nodes and chain merchants, in order to promote global circulation and self-upgrading functions, to complete the real sense of app decentralization as well as network decentralization and consumption decentralization, thus creating a new industry, making fts truly have a green ecological chain system, thus deriving a lot of use value and openness on this basis. The team has a wealth of global promotional resources.


The team currently has a wealth of global promotional resources. Our projects are properly promoted and marketed through strong global media channels. A list of these media promotion resources include.


Global Media Resources Matrix:

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Future planning


Project launch: building the technical team.


FTS 1.0 development


Internal testing: entering the technical testing phase.


Genesis Mining Pool goes live, token issuance, spin-off with renewed upgrades.


FTS 2.0 mainline online and simultaneous listing


FTS 2.0: NFT blind box platform goes live.


FTS 2.0: extra 100 NFT decks for sale.


Version iteration: NFT 2.0 goes live.


FTS (FUTRUE STARS ) team will integrate its full line of products to build a complete digital currency and blockchain ecosystem to realize the block linking the world to the future, let’s embrace the blockchain super wealth feast hand in hand!