In order to build the Mobius ring planet, Baidu Xirang will soon issue XR, the token of Xirang.

The direction of Baidu Xirang’s efforts is to become a metaverse engine, providing AI and cloud computing capabilities for Xirang and other metaverse products, and the token XR (1 billion pieces) will be issued soon. Metaverse’s real-time high-brush immersive experience screen effects and multi-person interactions in the same space require massive computing power, algorithm support, and a lot of R&D investment. Therefore, technical strength will become a key part of future Metaverse competition. Baidu has maintained high-intensity R&D investment for a long time. XR will become the only token in the world of Xirang, and will become the cloud computing reward to support other metaverse products based on Xiyong. XR will be airdropped to users in the first quarter of 2022, and users can use XR to interact in the world of Kyrgyzstan. Support multiple people online at the same time, combined with avatar live online or AI digital people, can carry out activities, exhibitions, live competitions, speeches, performances, business negotiations, customer service and other special advantages in an immersive customized space.   AI Intelligent Baidu AI technology empowerment, intelligent virtual character realistic interactive experience.   Extreme look and feel full-real 3D scene, more real and immersive.   Multi-terminal compatibility supports VR, PC, iOS, Android fully open.    Permanent reuse.