Gamefi Frontline 丨Will Promised Land be the unicorn in the next wave of GameFi?

The combination of crypto technology and traditional games brings infinite imagination for game design, especially the popularity of the concept of GameFi has driven many innovative ways to play and continuously enrich the ecology of Gamefi. Even though the current economic cycle has bottomed out and incremental funds are waning, the current chain tour still maintains a rapid growth posture and high-quality projects are coming out time and again. Just recently, Promised Land, which is known as “the unicorn in the next GameFi wave”, is on the top of the industry.


In this article, we will take a look at Promised Land, which has been given high expectations by the market.


Interesting game concept, originality forged unicorns

Compared to other “short and quick” Gamefi projects, Promised Land is called a “unicorn” because it upholds the “ originality ” spirit, from The game worldview, interactive experience and product logic provide users with a unique and interesting game concept.


Promised Land does not use the “interstellar concept” and “card drawing concept” that have been flooded on the market as the main body of the game, but focuses on the game user experience, with European and American retro myths as the theme, and “Ancient Dragon King” as the storyline , extending a retro game world full of unknowns for us.


The artistic retro style of the game concept is to let users feel the sincerity, Promised Land can be said to have achieved the “the best”.


In terms of gameplay, Promised Land takes decentralization as its premise and adopts the chain game development idea of DAO governance to provide players with multiple gameplay such as socialization, play to earn, cultivating, strategy, combat, in-game dungeon, competition, etc. These gameplay are interlinked and become an “endless game space” when connected.


In the game, the player will not be limited to a certain role, he can be a strategy player, concentrating on developing game strategies; he can also be an economic player, studying how to maximize the revenue from the game; he can even be a competitive maniac, getting top ranks through a variety of combinations of competitive battles


Diversified gameplay gives Promised Land unlimited possibilities.


In addition, considering the user’s experience, in terms of art style, Promised Land repeatedly polished the mapping design, art rendering, game modeling and other aspects, trying to create an all-round immersive Gamefi “parallel space” for users.


Build a spiral economic ecology , leveraging value growth

Promised Land has “resources” as its core, and any economic actions are anchored to the “game resources” obtained, driving players to explore the game world spontaneously, and ultimately there are 2 ways for the use of tokens:


  1. for in-game player configuration enhancement, strengthening the soul-contract level and obtaining more lucrative rewards.
  2. Cash in directly and earn significant “Play To Earn” revenue.


From a comprehensive point of view, Promised Land has integrated diversified gameplay through the main line of “Game Playing” to create an economic access model and form a complete value closed-loop chain.


When players are attracted by “resources”, they will continue to explore the Gamefi ecology, which will directly push up the “ecological gold content” of the game, and then drive the appreciation of “resources” and “ecopass” in the game. “The “resources” and “eco-passes” will feed back to the Promised Land ecology, forming a spiral growth economy and ensuring The “player experience” will be enhanced while the “P2E” will be strengthened!


Multi-party linkage, Promised Land’s path to breakthrough

In addition to strengthening its own foundation, Promised Land is also actively carrying out strategic cooperation, and the cooperation with YCG, a well-known game guild, has fully amplified Promised Land’s ecological advantages.


Yield Game Guild (YGG), as one of the leading game guilds in GameFi, has directly promoted Axie Infinity’s development to the peak and established Axie Infinity’s “king status” in the Gamefi. It is easy to imagine that the deep strategic cooperation between Promised Land and Yield Game Guild (YGG), the “mysterious power from the Philippines”, will surely enable Promised Land to quickly pass the start-up period and directly enter the Gamefi boom period.


Under solid ecology, innovative products and a powerful game guild YGG, Promised Land will evolve in the next development and become a “unicorn” that full of wealth and innovation in the GameFi wave!