Double Ace launches crypto super-wallet that pays up to 14% APY on assets

Double Ace (DAA) is a Fintech company that utilises the power of blockchain, AI, and Big Data to provide instant online financial services to individuals. The service DAA provides encompasses consumer finance, personal credit, micro loan, crypto loan, and more.

DAA has introduced its all-in-one super App called Ace Wallet, which allows users to deposit cryptocurrencies to receive interest much like that of bank deposits, but with a way higher interest rate. DAA is able to provide its depositors with cryptocurrency interest due to their arbitrage trading desk, which is able to generate risk-free cryptocurrency arbitraging returns on the cryptocurrencies available on Ace Wallet. Hence, users can be rest assured that their cryptocurrencies are not loaned out or being used for any risky endeavour.

Furthermore, DAA will be granted a money-broking licence by the Labuan Financial Services Authority end of this month, which makes it one of the very few cryptocurrency wallets that is licensed.

According to DAA CEO, Mr Alan Hung, “Our integrity, as well as the safety of our clients’ assets is of upmost importance to us. Hence, we decided to apply for a licence and at the same time, we are in discussion with various cryptocurrency insurance service providers to insure clients’ assets deposited on Ace Wallet. We will do what is within our capacity to let our users feel safe keeping their cryptocurrencies with us.”

Ace Wallet will be officially launched on 19 February 2021. Testing of the platform’s features was completed on 15 February 2021 with very good results, making many in the community extremely excited for its upcoming launch.

Currently, DAA already has around 10,000 active users in its telegram community, which is a very good number to officially introduce Ace Wallet. DAA aims to grow the community to around 100,000 active users in 2Q2021, and more moving forward.

Ace Wallet will kick-start with the widely anticipated DAA Savings Module. Users can look forward to up to 14% APY on their cryptocurrency deposits on Ace Wallet. On top of this, Ace Wallet will subsequently be unleashing a series of other very attractive products for its users.

To reward its community for helping to spread awareness and thereby increasing the adoption of Ace Wallet, DAA will be introducing a special Ambassador Program with a very generous referral commission pay-out. This revolutionary pay-out system is one of the most generous in the market whereby an introducer gets the chance to generate long-term passive income simply by referring users to the DAA platform. All an introducer needs to do is refer a new depositor once, and he will be able to enjoy part of the monthly interest DAA pays out to the depositor. The

depositor’s interest is not affected; DAA will fully undertake to pay the ambassador’s portion of interest as well.

As spoken by DAA CEO, Mr Alan Hung, “we understand that many people are financially affected by the pandemic, hence, by introducing this generous pay-out, we hope to be able to create an income generating system so that our community is able to leverage on DAA to get another source of income. Also, having a referral program can give us a greater outreach so as to enlighten more people about the benefits of doing cryptocurrency investment. They will be able to generate interests on their cryptocurrency investments by using our Savings Product. In the meantime, our product team is busy putting together more interesting products and we will be launching them one by one in the near future. We hope to be able to offer more product choices for the benefit of our community, so please stay tuned.”

On top of the Ambassador Program, to commemorate the launch of Ace Wallet, DAA will be giving out a special bonus of $0.50 worth of DAA token to an introducer for each successful referral that completes KYC. This will be available to the first 100,000 referrals only, so interested introducers need to work fast to collect as much DAA token as possible.

DAA token is listed on Whitebit exchange and has been gaining popularity. Individuals can buy or sell DAA token on Whitebit exchange. Since listing in December last year, its price has gone up 5x to $0.00535 from the listing price of $0.001 and is set to continue this strong uptrend with more product launches and milestones achieved going forward. Holders of DAA token will get preferential interest rate on deposits and on other services on Ace Wallet. Hence, DAA token offers not only profit potential when its price increases, but also allows holders to qualify for additional benefits when using Ace Wallet.

Ace Wallet, with its intuitive user-friendly interface, is suitable even for individuals who have not previously encountered cryptocurrencies before. To the experienced cryptocurrency user, Ace Wallet is a no-fuss interest-bearing wallet that offers services like instant and no-fee internal transfer within the Ace Wallet community; an especially important advantage in current times of high network fees and slow transfer on many blockchains.

Cryptocurrency adoption is going mainstream with even large corporates like Tesla putting their money into Bitcoin. The old fears of them being speculative and volatile has been replaced by them being a legitimate investment with good returns.

The individual should not be left behind in this new system and quickly get onboard cryptocurrency investment and usage. While corporates keep their cryptocurrencies with costly cryptocurrency custody services, individual users who did not previously have a similar grade custody service now have an even better alternative with the launch of Ace Wallet – the platform built for the benefit of the common folk. With Ace wallet, now is the best time to hop onwards and upwards.

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Double Ace launches crypto super-wallet that pays up to 14% APY on assets