The world’s first meta-universe integrated platform-FISHWORLD new gameplay

FISH Perfect Rare Fish is a comprehensive platform with meta universe as the background, which integrates FARM, NFTMARKET, NFT blind box, pledge mining, art auction, chain game, and meta universe. It applies the current most popular NFT concept, perfectly combines game elements and DeFi production farming, allowing players to get entertainment while playing games. Players can buy or collect various card packs of NFT products to get game experience bonuses. They can increase the energy gained in many game scenarios to enhance the speed of fry feeding. They can also obtain FISH tokens by participating in DeFi income cultivation in the game, buy and sell NFT cards in the trading market, and use FISH tokens as payment tokens. The game combines the characteristics of traditional games and blockchain games, providing a passionate gaming experience for many players who just want to have fun, and an NFT ecosystem for players who want to collect and trade NFT. As an asset on the chain, most NFTs of FISHWORLD conform to the BEP721 standard on the Binance Smart Chain. Some digital assets of the game are also stored in traditional databases, paving the way for traditional players to enjoy the game. FISH Fish World is not only a game that caters to blockchain players, but also a game that can introduce countless traditional mobile game players into the blockchain meta-universe.


Game introduction

Players use FISH coins to buy fry feed, oxygen, and fish ponds, and open the card pack to randomly obtain NFT fry. Through the fish feed and oxygen, the feeding in the fish tank increases the overall energy value. The ability value is used for mining. The higher the total power value and the higher the total energy value, the more rewards and benefits obtained from mining.


NFT blind box

NFT fry card card rarity is divided into four levels, which are indicated by different colors. Each level of rarity corresponds to a different value. There are a total of 80 fish fry NFT cards. Each card has a unique number, which can be queried by number.


Auspicious blind box

Open FISH coins to open 20 kinds of fish fry with the same value and different styles, and there is a 20% probability of issuing A commemorative fish card


Lucky blind box

It takes 20usdt or equivalent FISH coins to open 20 kinds of fish fry with the same value and different styles, and there is a 30% probability that the B commemorative fish card will be issued


Wealth Blind Box

It takes 50usdt or equivalent FISH coins to open 20 kinds of fish fry with the same value and different styles, and there is a 25% probability of issuing C commemorative fish card free blind box

It takes 100usdt or equivalent FISH coins to open 20 kinds of fish fry with the same value and different styles, and there is a 30% probability of issuing D commemorative fish card



Characteristics of oxygen

The more oxygen released in the fish pond, the greater the computing power of the fry, a better and suitable growth environment for the fry, and the shorter the growth cycle of the fry.

Characteristics of fish feed

There are four kinds of fish feeds, rotifers, dried shrimps, water centipedes, and paddle bugs. Different fish feeds have different computing power bonuses. The higher the value of the fish feed, the higher the computing power and the greater the profit. The shorter the period. Characteristics of fry

Fry are divided into five levels, lucky fry, lucky fry, wealth fry, free fry, rare fry, high-quality fry NFT cards have higher computing power, greater potential and development space. Players put the obtained NFT cards in the corresponding fish tanks for mining, raising and upgrading to fish NFT cards, selling them in the trading market, or recycling them on the platform. Characteristics of fish tank

Fish tanks are divided into township fish ponds, natural freshwater lakes, super fish ponds, and different fish ponds have different calculation power bonuses. The higher the value of the fish pond, the higher the calculation power, the greater the profit, and the shorter the period of growing fish fry.


FISH token system

15% private equity, locked for 2 years, and gradually released at 4% per month; 79% chain game ecology, which can be obtained in games and mining; 2% game technology development, used to ensure technology leadership and continuous game changes; 2% airdrops are used to increase the active participation of global users and promote the healthy development of the platform; 2% Common Wealth Foundation destruction mechanism: 1. Pledge fish coins for mining, and all principals are destroyed; 2. 100% of game ecological props are destroyed; 3. 5% deduction for transfer and exchange, of which 1% is returned, 1% holds currency dividends, and 3% is destroyed; 4. Finally destroyed to 1 billion; casting rules

1. When the countdown is less than 1 hour, each bid will increase by 10 minutes, and the maximum increase can be 1 hour;

2. A fixed price increase of 10% for each auction, after the countdown ends, the auction item will be obtained by the last bidder


Metaverse FISH WORLD overseas media officially announced that tokens will be on-chain 2021.12.1 8 Binance Smart Chain will be launched to create secondary market traffic data. FISH World equipment and props will be pre-sold on the bsc chain. The pre-sale is 7 days and there is a limited daily amount. The total pre-sale is 10 billion. The pre-sale needs to be paid in USDT tokens, and the amount is extremely limited. In order to build the FISH WORLD, we will move forward with the goal of common prosperity. Yuan FISH WORLD fish world game and incubation competition test, you need to buy FISH usdt tokens for incubation equipment and game props equipment props can participate in intellectual games, from which to obtain fish token rewards. This wave of bonuses may shock the entire meta universe 2022.01.01 yuan Universe World Competition Day FISH WORLD fish world game officially launched. The whole fish world game ecology officially landed on Musk, the SHIB technical team, the FISH WORLD fish world game technical team, and the world’s top geek team, and the world’s major consortia will be online virtual In the world, enjoy the feast of wealth with the players of the entire Metaverse 2022.01. The world’s well-known exchanges such as UIN, OKEX, Matcha, Chinese currency, Huobi Overseas, Binance, Coinbase Pro, etc. 2022.02.14 FISH WORLD will be launched successively. The first world game competition was held in Hong Kong. 100 outstanding game players around the world will be selected to reward up to 100 million fish tokens. There will be mysterious guests on the scene of the competition and the world’s top capital will announce their entry into the Metaverse FISH WORLD fish world game ecological construction.


The chain game is still in the development stage, and its open business ecology will promote the development of the game economy. The chain game combines the profitability of investment assets with the fun of the game, making the business model based on the virtual economy of the game more active and rich. At the same time, the on-chain of the resource production step increases the player’s trust in the virtual economic system. By stabilizing the player’s expectations of the game world economic system by the output of game resources, and decentralization can also directly distribute the money made by the game company to the participants, forming a distributed game business economy. In the world of chain games, every product has its own value and corresponding price. NFT enables everything to be digitized and perfectly solves the problems of piracy. Therefore, NFT has become the basic element of the meta universe.


The chain game introduces the economic system into the virtual world, integrates the immersion of the game and the reality of the economic system, so that it has the same genes as the meta-universe, and becomes an ecological plate embedded in the meta-universe economy, satisfying human beings’ understanding of the meta-universe The primary imagination of FISH WORLD, linking everything possible with FISH WORLD.