Secure and encrypted decentralized chat software

Communication and interaction with people, and the construction of relationship with people. Communication interaction is communication, relationship construction is making friends, that is, people’s social needs are communication and making friends. Where there are people, there is social networking.


According to statistics, there are 4.54 billion people in the world who can connect to the Internet. The coverage rate is 60%, and the number of people using social media reaches 3.8 billion, nearly half of the world’s population (calculated according to the total global population of 7.7 billion). In 2020, 310 million new social media users will be added in the world. Promoting and selling products through social platforms, using social traffic to open wider business functions, and using social channels to realize the integration of food, clothing, housing, transportation and use will be the future trend.


On the other hand, the social network around us has a large user community, and the network covers a large number of user information. These features enable financial institutions to promote financial services on the basis of social networking. PayPal, Alipay and WeChat are admirable pioneers of technology and commerce. They combine mobile social networking with payment to reach the top of the world. In other words, our daily social networks have the opportunity to create huge financial dividends. So life is full of business opportunities.


However, although our current social networking seems to be very comfortable, the most criticized social platform is data privacy, so Facebook has become the “evil” side. Network economic ecosystem has been based on e-mail, API, CRM, e-commerce, ERP, SQL database, cloud computing and other centralized technologies for decades. Then decentralized technology emerged, enabling anyone to interact economically. You don’t need to know each other. You just need to believe in technology. How amazing!


This reminds me of the development of domestic video websites. Is it possible that the future social network will be completely replaced by a new social software?


Our decentralized one-stop social function of spark can solve many problems. Let’s take a good look at the core advantages of our mode??


Provide strong privacy security protection: the platform is built on the technology of BXm bottom public chain, encryption security, can solve the problem of user’s personal information overexposure and be used. Spark will not affect the daily life of users, which is well in line with the future mainstream users’ attention to privacy.


To achieve social freedom of speech: Based on the point-to-point communication, the decentralized network structure has the characteristics that can not be tampered with. When it is applied to the social platform, it can re-establish the credit system between people.


To solve a certain problem of uneven income distribution: users can get token asset rewards inside the platform by publishing articles and ranking popularity. Users can not only get intangible gains from social platforms, but also get tangible returns immediately.


Building a decentralized value community: the construction of spark community relies on a pure collection of interests and goals. Value is closely related to the attribute of group. In the community, the project side can achieve its own value output, including token airdrop, consensus voting, community governance and commodity advertising, etc.


To achieve real decentralization, that is to say, users can escape from centralized control. To a certain extent, as a community chat tool, spark protects users’ privacy through peer-to-peer encryption technology, which can ensure that the chat content between users will not be seen by anyone, and the server will not store any plaintext content without the explicit authorization of users, No one, including the server, has the right to view the chat content.


The essence of international cutting-edge science and technology is comprehensive strength, and imagination itself is also a kind of strength. Because it’s the most difficult thing to think of, and someone can do it.


Think of, of course, think of “entropy reduction ability is stronger”, such as the same effect cost lower, or the same cost to get more. For example, Einstein’s theory of relativity is equivalent to other people’s theories, such as Poincare’s or Lorentz’s, which is stronger, because he only uses two basic assumptions and normal mathematical logic to obtain Lorentz transformation formula, while Lorentz is only an empirical summary of phenomena. The cost of obtaining this formula is very high, and then the cost of obtaining more extended inferences It’s also very high. Einstein’s theory of relativity inference, only using ordinary mathematical deduction (this cost is very low), can get the most famous mass energy equation in history: e = MC * * 2.


To be a decentralized social network has always been the dream of blockchain practitioners. However, most of what we see at present is still the thinking of Facebook when it was founded, that is, Facebook is a social network with photos of Harvard University girls as the earliest means of communication. In essence, all centralized social networks are like this, that is, they are all information networks.


The real subversive idea of decentralized social networking is to create a “value network”. At present, most decentralized social networking projects do not understand this. I remember Andre cronje, founder of yfi, summed up a very accurate sentence: the more I study, the more I realize that the power of decentralization is not a tool, not a lender, not DEX, but an asset. Only when we understand this logic can we go faster and better on this road.